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Rockler's Lumber by the Piece

Walnut by the Piece

Black Walnut

With its gorgeous chocolate tone and easy workability, it's easy to see why Black Walnut is often regarded as the classic American cabinet wood. The heartwood varies from light grayish-brown to deep chocolate brown, occasionally approaching an almost black or purplish-brown.

The grain is slightly open and usually straight, but is famous for its sometimes stunning figure. All boards are machined S4S to 1/8", 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" thicknesses. Thin boards are well-suited for edging, veneering, marquetry, sides for decorative boxes, bending stock and bent laminations. Thicker boards are ideal for furniture, paneling, cabinet doors, moldings, drawer sides, fine jewelry boxes and whatever else your imagination can dream up!

Cherry by the Piece

Maple by the Piece

Padauk by the Piece

Purpleheart by the Piece

Mora Sold by the Piece

Zebrawood by the Piece

Redheart  by the Piece

African Mahogany by the Piece
African Mahogany

Bubinga by the Piece

Wenge by the Piece

Bolivian Rosewood by the Piece
Bolivian Rosewood

Quarter Sawn White Oak, Sold by the Piece
Quarter Sawn White Oak

Curly Maple Sold by the Piece
Curly Maple

Curly Cherry Lumber
Curly Cherry

White Ash Sold by the Piece
White Ash

Yellow Heart Sold by the Piece
Yellow Heart

Red Oak by the Piece
Red Oak

Curly Bubinga Sold by the Piece
Curly Bubinga

Granadillo by the Piece

Jobillo by the Piece

Curly Honduras Mahogany Sold by the Piece
Curly Honduras Mahogany

Curly Movingui Sold by the Piece
Curly Movingui

Curly Makore Sold by the Piece
Curly Makore

Yucatan Rosewood Sold by the Piece
Yucatan Rosewood

Katalox Sold by the Piece

Bocote Sold by the Piece

Wenge Sold by the Piece

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